“Hesitation” VisDare 140 Challenge

Top 50 List “Black and White Photos That Inspire”

Many people wake up everyday, not knowing it will be their last. Most live this life without a care in the world. Often times we don’t even think about what happens when we die. It’s not until someone else dies, that we ask ourselves “what will happen to me”,“does this life continue or end once our hearts stop beating”? I always knew deep inside myself there was a God, and I always thought I was “Good Enough” to get into Heaven. I asked Jesus to save me so I could go to heaven to benefit me, I didn’t make Jesus my Lord until 10 years later. “Don’t Wait” to get to know Jesus today. Make Him your Lord & Savior before it’s too late. I could have avoided many “Scars” in life, if I would have aligned myself to His Will for me. Hesitate no longer.  
147 Words

Virgil Boggs

@jboggs222 on Twitter!
The Bible is real history! 

What is the Visual Dare?
Every Tuesday midnight (EST) I post a photographic challenge (sometimes called a “VisDare”) that writers may use to help kickstart their work-in-progress, or use as an individual exercise to get the creative juices flowing again. The challenge is to craft a story based on that photo – in 150 words or less.
The photos are carefully selected black-and-white stills, with credit always given to original authorship. (If I can’t credit the author, I don’t use the photo.) I leave the dare up for a week to give ample opportunity for participation. (Posting time is from midnight Tuesday EST to the following Tuesday midnight).
Here are the VisDare rules:
150 words or less.
Post entry in the comments.
Entry is longer than 150 words? Post the link to your blog in the comments.
No erotica or graphic violence, please.
Please limit 2 entries per photo prompt, please.
Don’t forget to read and comment on others’ entries!
That’s it! No judges or rankings. PG rating is maintained in deference to younger or tender-at-heart writers for whom the VisDare is a first step into the wider online writing world. In short: The VisDare is for community, creating, and no-pressure sharing. Make your entries public or not. It’s all up to you.
If you post VisDare entries on your blog, feel free to add the badge at the top of the page (created by the fabulous Amanda McCrina). Link it back to this page (or the specific VisDare you joined), and claim your corner of the VisDare family!!! VisDare 

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