JesusWired Welcomes New Contributor James Virgil Boggs

What James Will Be Covering:
James will be covering the CHH genre and covering wherever there’s a need, and he will be contributing in the areas of interviews and news articles. He will also be contributing through his exclusive column “Desperately Seeking Jesus w/ James Virgil Boggs” where he’ll be talking about life as a follower of Christ, how we’re meant to be the salt and the light to the world, and just generally encouraging fellow believers to stay strong in their faiths while also pointing non believers to Jesus. He will also be sharing his personal testimony throughout it all.
In addition to all of that, he’ll also be helping out wherever there’s a need from time to time.
What James says about joining JesusWired:
I am super excited to be joining the team at Jesus Wired to continue using my talents in order to “Make Jesus Famous”. God has blessed my efforts throughout the years in the independent music scene and now to have the chance to share my story with the world is an even bigger blessing. I am humbled at this opportunity and hope that it blesses everyone who visits the website.
Welcome to the team James, we’re really excited to have you on board!


JesusWired Welcomes New Contributor James Virgil Boggs
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