James Virgil Boggs

James Virgil Boggs is a Christ Follower and husband to Sydney Dianne. He is also Blogger, Music Promoter, and CHH Artist “Virgil Boggs” aka Ibhar. James has been involved in the Independent music scene for nearly 15 years and loves networking with others in the industry. He also enjoys Photography and spending his time Mountain Biking/Paved Trail Cycling. James and Sydney have been married for 3 years and have experienced the loss of a child to an early miscarriage and the passing of their son Drexel Lee Boggs, who lived for 10 hours with “Potter’s Syndrome”. James and Sydney both desire to share Christ through their experiences, in hopes to bring the love of God to many who are hurting and seeking salvation. You can find more information about James on his personal blog virgilboggs.wordpress.com, James Virgil Boggs and nwapromo.blogspot.com, Follow James on Twitter @jboggs222. You can also find information about “Potter’s Syndrome” on their Facebook page “Potter’s Syndrome Awareness in Memory of Drexel Lee Boggs”.