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I am always looking to network with others in the Social Media Marketing Community. Feel free to contact me at if you are looking for a Passionate, Social Media Associate.

“Social Media Manager Package

Have great content, but lack the technical skills to get that content online? With today’s always changing social media platforms, it can become difficult to keep up with the technical aspect of getting your blog set up, content online and promotion for your posts. I can fill in that gap by being your very own “Social Media Manager”. What I will do for you can save you many hours of time in learning new software and social media marketing strategies. I am always keeping up with the latest trends in S.M.M, and am currently enrolled in the Hootsuite Podium Social Media Certification courses. All you have to do is write your great content and send it to me! I will do the rest! I will take your written content and get it posted onto your blog, after I finish the initial setup. I will design your graphics, and even promote your blog posts as often as you send them out, by running a Twitter Blast Campaign on accounts @seoblogs1 and @jboggs222. I want you to focus on writing the best of the best. I will worry about the behind the scenes work. Relax, I got this! The “Social Media Manager Package” will work on a month by month basis. The initial set up of your personal blog will cost $50.00. The additional information you send me will cost $50.00. So for the first month, your package will cost $100.00, after that it’s just $50.00 per month, with unlimited Twitter Blast and content uploads. When you send me your completed writings, I will upload them, and promote them for just $50.00 a month. Your own “Social Media Manager” to drive traffic to your blog, while you sit back and focus on your best content. Doesn’t get much better. Email to get started with your package today!  

Sample Blog ClientPress

“Social Media Marketing Campaign Package”

Package includes: (1 Custom Graphic, 1 Voice-Over for promotion via YouTube and MP3, Video will include your graphic. Twitter Blast of your link scheduled via Hootsuite on Twitter Profile @seoblogs1 and RT on @jboggs222. Promotion of your business on the Clients Page. All clients will continue to receive Twitter Blast for as long as they choose. Tweets will include your brands Hashtags, Link, Twitter Profile and any graphic you choose. Tweets as often as you like. Package also includes a 200 word writeup for your social media accounts to use as promotional item.

Pricing is $75.00 for package, if you would like a Tweet only package for $15.00 for one month, please email, otherwise purchase package on the link below. 

(Please no obscene content) Payments made via PayPal. 

Social Media Marketing Campaign Package

Let me help you market your Brand, Artist Page or Blog today! 


Contract will be sent, received and signed before execution of services.

Disclosure statement. Please read and understand before you purchase a package.

I, James Virgil Boggs will provide the following “Social Media Marketing Services” to Client
based on the agreed terms. I will provide those services with the understanding that the
Client is responsible for the growth of their own business by interacting with the potential
clients. My services are strictly to boost traffic and promotion of the links provided by the
Client. I am not responsible for loss of sales or clients. My role is strictly to promote for the
Client based on the “Management Package” that was chosen by myself and the Client.