Social Media Marketing Strategies 


How many of us have either witnessed our friends or even ourselves get really excited about a new business venture, only to discover that they (We) fail to reach personal sales quotas, or sign up loyal customers or distributors? How often have you seen the same sales tactics? The ones that post strictly to Facebook and only reach out to their personal network? We have all been guilty of it. I have done it. The problem we face is that we continue to post products to the same people. We do this to a point that our friends get tired of seeing the same things, and eventually hit the “Hide” button. Some friends and family will make a purchase or sign up because they want to help, while some do believe in the product. Even the owners should be a “Product of the product”. How do we build our business if we can’t even sell to our close friends and family? What strategies are we putting together to reach outside of our network? This blog post will hopefully point you toward thinking differently when it comes to marketing your business through social media.

Social Media is a huge market. Companies hire “Social Media Managers” to market their brand to a ‘New’ network of people like you and me. How do the major players make a lot of money by selling to regular people like you and me? How would a small business convince people like you and me to purchase their product? The strategy for both large and small business should be the same. It’s really a psychological tactic that is used to persuade us that we need that product or service. The one thing the major players do well is marketing themselves through advertising. TV and Radio used to be the way of this type of marketing. Word of mouth has been and always will be the best way for companies to grow, because their customers are doing the marketing for them. Today, in 2016, Social Media is the new wave of getting the word out. We have at our disposal, the opportunity to reach as many people as we want. We fail in doing so, because we don’t know how. We don’t use social media to our advantage and that is why we only market to the same people over and over. That is why potential customers walk away. We are not using social media in a way that reaches beyond our local network of people. We all have our circle, but how many of us expand beyond that? How can we reach more people with the tools at our disposal? What should we be doing instead of posting simple things in our day to day lives? 

We should be using Twitter, we should be using Facebook. We should be using Instagram and Pinterest. Okay, so some of us are using those apps, but what about those who are not using them to their advantage? This is where “Social Media Marketing Strategies” come into play. Learn how to use hashtags. Research those hashtags to see what type of potential customer is in your market. What do you have to offer someone in their age range or demographic? Write these things down to help you develop a strategy to start reaching these people. Configure your social media accounts in a way that portrays what you are offering. Where are you located? What keywords can you use? Is your updated website listed on the link section? How do your profile and cover photo’s look? Be specific in keeping your description to the point of what you are selling. Don’t use to many unnecessary words. Please keep all of your social accounts updated and analyze the traffic you are getting. This could help you determine whether or not your account should really be active. Blog. I will say this again. Blog. Be personal with your fan base. They need to see updated content about what you or your business is doing. They need to feel like you care and are not just out to sell to them and send them down the road. 

Write good content. If you are unable to use the technology to successfully run or update your blog, then hire someone to do it for you. I am available to post your written content on your blog as often as you send it out. I have packages available on my Services page. You should also promote your blog through all of your active social accounts. I can do that for you as well, but the point is, you need to get that content out there. There is nothing worse than having good digital content and it just sit there. People need to read what you write or listen to your podcasts or Vlogs. To learn more about those terms, use Google. Stay updated, blog weekly, and please do us all a favor and reach out to your customers or fan base. They want you to care. They want you to reply back. This again shows them they are more than just someone who puts money into your pocket. I have seen many artists reach out to their fans, and relationships have been built through Social Media. That’s how Bubba Sparxxx (Mathis) and I connected. Twitter made that relationship possible. Be active. Reach back out and let people know what is going on in the life of yourself and your company.  

The strategies I mentioned are used on a daily basis and guess what? They work! You can’t sit back and create a Facebook page for your business and think it will magically draw traffic to you. Do these things and word of mouth will continue to happen. Again, if you need help, I am here. I am keeping up with the latest trends. I am working on my Hootsuite Podium Social Media Certification so that I can help others market their content to a whole new network that is waiting to discover the latest and greatest. You may have the coolest idea, but if only a few people know, you will never reach your full potential.  

Email me at if I can be of assistance to you and your business.  

Until next time,

Virgil Boggs 

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PayU2Blog Twitter Review

Good Monday Evening! I hope everyone has had a blessed day. This blog post is going to be specific to a new program I have been trying out for a few weeks to earn some extra money. It’s an online job that is linked to my Twitter account. I actually get paid to Tweet! I wanted to write a quick review and let everyone know about my experience since I received my first payment today. So let’s get into it!

The website is PayU2Blog Twitter. Once you click the link, you are directed to a sign up page. Fill out the information and it will send it to Heath. He will get in contact with you and get you signed up. Pretty easy process. He will have you fill out some more information, and get you logged into their system. Once approved, Heath will send out emails that state you have a new assignment awaiting. The company also has a program for bloggers, but there are certain criteria you have to meet in order to get signed up. I just started my blog, so I didn’t meet the time length for their requirements, but hope to soon. After you login and see your assignment, you basically go to your Twitter account and start writing your tweet. You have to enter in the keywords they give you, along with the link to the website they are promoting, and an occasional hashtag. Once you have made sure you entered all the information, you can tweet it out to your followers. The hashtag will appear along with everyone else that has used it. Your followers and friends (if you have your Twitter linked to your Facebook) can click on the link and check out what you are promoting. It’s not necessary, but some might ask why you are tweeting random links. You can reply by saying “I get paid to Tweet!”. The payouts for Twitter assignments are $5.00 and you get paid by PayPal every two weeks. I finished an assignment at the end of May, so my payment was for one assignment, but I have completed two so far. It’s really easy, and the sign up process is super simple. Give it a few days for Heath to contact you, but he will get you signed up if you meet the criteria. 

I am enjoying doing this, because it’s a super simple way to make easy money on the side and it promotes products that many of us use or are interested in. The first assignment I completed was for Musicians Friend, which I love music, so why not?! The second assignment was for a lamp company. We all need light, so again why not?! Anyways, if you are looking for a way to make some extra income and have a active Twitter account and PayPal account, I recommend signing up. We spend all day on Social Media anyways, so why not get paid to post? I will update this blog post, if anything changes or I start using their paid blogging service. Hope you guys will check it out! Let me know your experience in the comments section below or Tweet me @jboggs222 !

Until next time,

Virgil Boggs