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I recently did an interview with Jase Rosenburg on his blog, check it out here! 

                                               Interview with James Virgil Boggs

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Where does your hope lie? Blog post #3

Good afternoon internet world? How are things going for you? James Virgil Boggs back again to check in. For me, today I am at home sick. not sure what is going on. I have been experiencing body aches during the first part of the week and today sinus drainage all down my throat. Anyways, thats not why I am blogging to you today, so I will just get right into it. I want to talk about life. The struggles we all face. The crud that we deal with on the day to day, that no one ever wants to talk about. Most people will tell you they are “doing fine” but rarely are. They always have something going on that has them stressed. We are all no different really, but how we handle the hardships says a lot about us. I have always dealt with some sort of hardship in one form or fashion. Most often its rejection or feeling I’m not good enough or I don’t match up. I spend more time judging myself for things I wished I had done or accomplished in life. I am always thinking and am very quiet in most settings, unless you get me talking about something I am interested in. Sometimes life throws us curve balls and we simply just have to deal with it. We don’t always like it, but thats the way it is. I have always been blessed in my circumstances. When I think I can no longer handle a situation or I am at my breaking point, God always uses someone to help me, and the problem is fixed. I don’t like asking for help. Honestly you probably wont hear me asking for help, because I like to do things myself. Can I do things myself all the time? No, of course not. I cant. I don’t have the resources, but there usually is someone who can help. Those people I am thankful for. So if you have helped me out, from the bottom of my heart thank you!

So what else? Well like I was saying, I have been blessed by others, I have been taken care of and I have been put in many difficult situations and circumstances. What keeps me going? That would be my faith in Jesus Christ. You see I believe in my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and that He defeated death and sin on the Cross, paying the punishment that I deserve, have confessed my sins and turned to Jesus as my Lord and Savior and have made a public declaration through water baptism. My hope is in Him, my joy is in Him, no matter the situation. If you know me or have read previous blogs or Facebook posts, then you know that Sydney and I have had two children pass away. One through an early miscarriage in our first year of marriage and another just 14 months later to “Potter’s Syndrome”. Drexel lived 10 hours with no kidneys and very little lung development. God used that little guy to reach so many people. I have received many kind words and messages of encouragement on how Sydney and I handled that situation. I could not have done it without many hours in prayer, scripture and being around like minded believers. Both of those events in life were very difficult and tested both Sydney and I. She is a strong believer as well and has kept me grounded in my faith. I am forever debted to her. When I am a jerk, she is right there. When I feel like I am not smart enough, or not skilled enough, she is right there encouraging me. Find someone who is that for you. Don’t put your faith in them, but turn to Jesus and seek someone who loves Him more than you. Life’s problems will work themselves out, they always do. You have a choice to make in how you are going to handle what life throws at you. Its never easy, rarely enjoyable, but it will develop true character. You will be okay, and even though I am worried about some things now, I will be okay too.

Hang in there.

Till next time,

Virgil Boggs