Install Firefox on the Raspberry Pi 3. 

I was looking for a different browser to install on my Raspberry Pi 3, and came across Ice Weasel, which actually turned out to be Firefox when I installed it. I was looking for a browser that I could use in full screen mode to display a Weather Dashboard like Weather Underground or DakBoard. 

The update process took around 30 minutes to complete. In the terminal I typed in the following code.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

After the update was complete, I was ready to install Firefox. Again, I typed in the following code. 

sudo apt-get install iceweasel

Once Firefox was installed, I opened it up, I was greeted with an update page, but after the installation, normal updates didn’t appear. Another reason I wanted to try a new browser was to run Netflix, because WideVine isn’t available for Chromium. Netflix said I needed the latest version of Firefox, but at this point I still haven’t gotten it updated. 

I did enjoy using Firefox in full screen mode for Weather Underground, although it was slower than Chromium, I find it an easy to use browser. The Raspberry Pi 3 is mainly used as a Digital Picture Frame and for casting videos via the Raspicast app. I have another tutorial on how to use the Raspberry Pi 3 as a Chromecast Alternative. I will update if I find out how to update for Netflix.

If you install Firefox on your Pi, let me know what you enjoy using, and if you like it over Chromium. I’m not completely sold, but even using DakBoard in Kiosk Mode would convince me to keep it.

Until next time,

James Virgil Boggs

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Not your typical DakBoard 

The DakBoard is a fairly new product that was designed to give you a family style dashboard for displaying photos, news, weather and calendar updates. You can purchase your own DakBoard on their website or build your own using an old monitor and a Raspberry Pi. I chose to use an old laptop that I installed a Linux Distribution on and an existing monitor that I took off its stand. This was a fairly simple process. The main objective was to get rid of Windows 7 and install Linux Mint, I’m running Cinnamon. I used several tutorials I found searching Google. The first thing I did was try out the Linux Distro by creating a boot drive. Eventually I liked it enough that I erased Windows and installed Linux Mint. I would suggest that you Google ways to create a boot drive, and or install Linux directly onto your laptop. It can be a time consuming process.

As you can see above, that is the finished product. But how can you get DakBoard once you have the Linux installed? I simply went to the DakBoard website on Chrome and signed up for a free account. Once you are logged in, you have the option to set up which RSS news feed you want, photos to display, weather feed and of course getting your schedule to display. That is where you need to download Wunderlist, I got mine from the Google Play Store. In this app, you can create your own events that you want displayed on the DakBoard, just make sure to include your account settings in your DakBoard account. By having this app installed, you can easily update, and delete old events. This is great for on the go, because you don’t have to be on the same wireless network. When your DakBoard updates, it will post your new content. Sydney loves that I use this, because she can easily find out my schedule in the morning when she leaves for work.

The thing I love most about the DakBoard website, is that I can login on any device, specifically my Wall Mounted iPad in the bedroom, or my new Raspberry Pi 3 Box Project that I just created. It’s simple, there’s really no difficult process, other than getting the Linux installed, and I only did that because my laptop was old and barely working on Windows 7. As long as you have an updated version of Chrome, it’s pretty easy to get started. My monitor is vga, so I just plugged it in to the laptop and power supply. I had to go into the settings to be able to use it while keeping the lid closed, again I would search for ways to do that. Once you get that done, you can just plug in a keyboard and mouse and edit your settings on DakBoard in Chrome, as well as going full screen mode so that the entire monitor is filled with DakBoard. Unplug your mouse and keyboard and continue to update your settings on a mobile device. Every time it refreshes, you will see new content that you want displayed.

I like this way of using a DakBoard because I don’t like hanging things on the wall, and I didn’t have an extra Raspberry Pi lying around. I enjoy using old electronics for new projects and this is one of my favorites. It’s simple, doesn’t take up much room and is easy to update every week. There’s no need in taking apart the monitor, trying to tape the Raspberry Pi and other peripherals onto the back and then creating a frame around it. If you are interested in purchasing your own DakBoard, I will leave the link below.


Let me know what you create with DakBoard.

Until next time,

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Twitter Chat Q&A with Author Jase Rosenburg @Jaser75 (Plus Podcast!)

Twitter Chat Q&A with Author Jase Rosenburg, hosted by James Virgil Boggs. 

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PayU2Blog Twitter Review

Good Monday Evening! I hope everyone has had a blessed day. This blog post is going to be specific to a new program I have been trying out for a few weeks to earn some extra money. It’s an online job that is linked to my Twitter account. I actually get paid to Tweet! I wanted to write a quick review and let everyone know about my experience since I received my first payment today. So let’s get into it!

The website is PayU2Blog Twitter. Once you click the link, you are directed to a sign up page. Fill out the information and it will send it to Heath. He will get in contact with you and get you signed up. Pretty easy process. He will have you fill out some more information, and get you logged into their system. Once approved, Heath will send out emails that state you have a new assignment awaiting. The company also has a program for bloggers, but there are certain criteria you have to meet in order to get signed up. I just started my blog, so I didn’t meet the time length for their requirements, but hope to soon. After you login and see your assignment, you basically go to your Twitter account and start writing your tweet. You have to enter in the keywords they give you, along with the link to the website they are promoting, and an occasional hashtag. Once you have made sure you entered all the information, you can tweet it out to your followers. The hashtag will appear along with everyone else that has used it. Your followers and friends (if you have your Twitter linked to your Facebook) can click on the link and check out what you are promoting. It’s not necessary, but some might ask why you are tweeting random links. You can reply by saying “I get paid to Tweet!”. The payouts for Twitter assignments are $5.00 and you get paid by PayPal every two weeks. I finished an assignment at the end of May, so my payment was for one assignment, but I have completed two so far. It’s really easy, and the sign up process is super simple. Give it a few days for Heath to contact you, but he will get you signed up if you meet the criteria. 

I am enjoying doing this, because it’s a super simple way to make easy money on the side and it promotes products that many of us use or are interested in. The first assignment I completed was for Musicians Friend, which I love music, so why not?! The second assignment was for a lamp company. We all need light, so again why not?! Anyways, if you are looking for a way to make some extra income and have a active Twitter account and PayPal account, I recommend signing up. We spend all day on Social Media anyways, so why not get paid to post? I will update this blog post, if anything changes or I start using their paid blogging service. Hope you guys will check it out! Let me know your experience in the comments section below or Tweet me @jboggs222 !

Until next time,

Virgil Boggs