Saturday Morning Ramblings

 I am sitting in Chick-fil-a, drinking coffee and I just finished hosting my first “Twitter Chat”. It was a Q&A with Author Jase Rosenburg. I am really pleased with how it went, but how did it actually go? I was very busy while this was going on and I had to multitask to the max! I was actually trying to eat breakfast, send out tweets that I had already loaded into Hootsuite, and had an open browser on Every time a tweet was responded to, I had to Retweet it, send out a new tweet and keep my Facebook refreshed so that my Facebook audience could see or respond to what they were seeing. They were not seeing my tweets, they could only see the responses from Jase. I was also getting followers and likes on my Twitter account. Prior to this morning, I gave Jase a chance to go ahead and get his responses ready, because he could only respond in 140 Characters. Part of the 140 included “@jboggs222 A1. #amwriting” so he had to be very precise on how he would respond. I was very pleased with his responses. We had a pretty big audience inside TweetChat who were using Hashtag Amwriting. I am happy that we had a chance to reach other writers. Once the Twitter Chat was finished, I took all of the links to each tweet and copied the html into my blog, so that readers could see the conversation as if it were in real time. This also made it available for those who are not on Twitter, because I promoted heavily on Facebook as well.

  Last night the blog post was created and was ready to go live. I also linked the content back to and that Twitter account @seoblogs1. I also shared via Instagram as well. My brain is pretty much fried and I am ready for a nap lol, but I thought I would write a quick blog post to let everyone know about the behind the scenes things that happen. This was literally put into the works yesterday afternoon and was finished before 10 am today. I love social media marketing and content creation/ marketing. This gave me a chance to really use new ideas in order to reach a new audience in real time. If you checked in on the Twitter Chat, I want to say, Thank you! I had fun doing it and hope to have more in the future. Also thank you for reading my Saturday morning ramble. I think I may go home and get some rest lol 🙂

Until next time, 

James Virgil Boggs