Black Friday Deal! Samsung Wireless Charger Review. 📱

On Black Friday, I purchased a Samsung Wireless Charger on Ebay. This is a QI Standard Pad Type charger that I came across on the front section of the Black Friday deals on Ebay. While this isn’t a new product or even something I desperately wanted, I went ahead and bought it because it was only less than $10.00. I will probably end up using it at work more than anything. 

It arrived yesterday from New York and I immediately unboxed it and plugged it in to my Samsung Fast Charge wall adapter and cable. I can’t remember if that’s the original one that came with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or the one we bought at Walmart this summer in Texas, but they are both official Samsung products. There are fakes out there so beware. I did some research on this charging pad and from what I can tell it’s also an official Samsung product. Like I said, you do have to plug this pad into your wall adapter, then lay your phone on top. Once it detects your phone, it will light up blue so that you know it’s charging. The light is annoying at night, especially sitting on my glass top lamp night stand. It didn’t fast charge, which is why there is another version made for fast charging, I have used one before when the Galaxy S8 came out. If I am really in a hurry and need a quick charge, then I will just plug my cable directly into my phone, but for something on a desk, I find the pad type charger a convenient solution. I don’t always like fumbling for a cable, especially at night. While I sleep, I don’t mind a slower charge and I like that the light turns green, letting you know that it is finished charging. I would say it took 2-3 hours to get from 60% to 100%. Once I noticed it was finished, I took it off the pad, which was sometime during the middle of the night. When I woke up I was back at 87%.

Honestly, for the price, I think this was a great buy. I have seen them originally sell for around $40.00. You can purchase newer models that include Fast Charging for twenty-something dollars but I liked the $10.00 price tag and free shipping. The seller was very fast and shipping was updated often so I could track it. I will post a link to the seller as well. I believe they have some of these left. Normally I don’t purchase Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, but this was something I didn’t want to pass up. I can always use this somewhere or even let my wife use it. I also like that I can keep my Spigen case on my phone while it charges. This is a pretty cool peice of technology and I would advise checking it out.

Link to seller on Ebay:

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Cell Phone Photography- Shooting on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

JVB Photography Sampler

 Today I want to blog about Photography, and what I use to shoot photo’s on the go. For me, the quickest way to snap a beautiful image of God’s creation is by using a cell phone. My cell phone is ALWAYS on me. I don’t go anywhere without it, especially when I hit the trails. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on preorder day. I received it in a couple of weeks along with the Samsung Gear VR as part of the preorder package. I linked the websites so you can review the specifications of each device, but I will go ahead and give you the specs on the camera of the S7 Edge. The S7 Edge features a 12MP rear camera with dual pixel CMOS 5MP front camera according to Samsung. A lot of people were disappointed to find out the rear camera had less pixels than the previous S6 version but with changes to the lenses, it actually is a better camera. It’s the best camera on a cell phone I’ve ever owned. There are many comparisons to an iPhone 6/ 6S camera that you can look up on YouTube, but I am not writing to compare which phone camera is better, I am simply writing to discuss what I use on the day to day as an avid photography lover. The photo’s attached in this blog show great detail of what I am able to achieve with the S7 Edge and the famous app from Instagram. I love editing my images in Instagram because of the extra features inside the filter options. You can really add life to the photo’s and it captures so much more than our eyes can see.

Some of my favorite places to take photo’s in Northwest Arkansas are, Wishing Springs Trail to Bella Vista Lake, Blowing Springs and parts of SlaughterPen to North Bentonville Trail. There is nothing like riding your bike and stopping to discover all that is offered in this beautiful area of the world! As soon as I see something that catches my eye, I shoot it and go on to something else. I will usually take about 10 pictures during my ride and come home to edit and share across social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and my blog. I occasionally will take the selfie stick and put it in reverse while Sydney is driving to capture some really cool photography from the road. The way the sun shines on the window can really be enhanced with some cool edits. I also like to capture wildlife in action. You can really get a glimpse of what God has given to us through creation if you just stop to take a photo, instead of constantly going through the hustle and bustle of life. My challenge to you is, find a good camera, go out to the woods, and just “Be Still and know that He is God”, I promise, you will be amazed at what you can share with the world! 

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